Friday, April 17, 2009

Play ball!

It was a first for me.
I had Raegen holding one hand, and Dusty's leash in my other.
As we walked through the gate to the ballfield a lady exclaimed, "Oh my! How adorable!"
I quickly glanced down at Raegen, donning his "Jordon's BIGGEST little fan" tee, and waited for her to get down to his level and squeeze his cute little cheeks.
Then I realized she was already kneeling.
By the dog.
In fact,
she already had him wrapped in her arms, oohing and ahhing...
The dog?
You chose the dog over the kid?
It was a first for me.
Here are a few pics from our first visit to cheer on Jordon and the rest of the ball-Cats.
Raegen insisted Bro. Keith wear his JD hat...

Jordon at bat...

Raegen trying to boss...

Jordon plays first base...

Trying to boss again...

Ms. Kathryn and Bro. George were there too...of course! That's what grandparents do!

Raegen succeeded at bossing Ms. Amanda...

The Cats won the game!! Yippee!
Jordon and his BIGGEST little fan...

Let me try just one more time...


Sissy said...

I can't believe someone would pick Dusty over Raegen either!

Kari said...

Seriously!? Dusty is a cutie, but Raegan is well, a CUTE little boy!!! I love how he keeps trying to "boss" him around!

Kate Craig said...

HILARIOUS! Your dog is really cute tho. :)

(in response to your comment)

Oh Dear. When I have kids my purse is going to get REALLY bad!

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