Friday, April 3, 2009

Gyros, Guyrows, Euros, Your-os

Last night {THURSDAY, basically, middle of the week}, because we have somehow developed a trend of eating with the old-er folk instead of the young whippersnappers, we went to dinner at Blackwood's Gyros here in town. It was mine and Raegen's first trip, B's second.
If you're like me, you're still trying to figure out how to say "gyros" it geerows, giross, gearow? What?!
According to Wikipedia, "Gyros or gyro (giros) (pronounced /ˈjɪəroʊ/ or /ˈdʒaɪroʊ/, Greek: γύρος , meaning "turn")"
Oh, I get it. Um, not really.
Thankfully there was a pronunciation key right there on the menu. Are you ready for it? It's pronounced "your-os". Poor B, even though it was his second trip he just couldn't spit it out correctly, asking for a "hero" instead. Wouldn't that be nice for us all.
Here's what a "your-os" looks like, in case you're like myself and have never had this experience. I meant to take a picture when the food arrived, but decided I was too hungry and it would just have to wait.
I really like that you can see my finger holding the pita bread in place. Classy touch.
Our dining experience was scrumptious...our appetizer was cheesey steak fries, need I say more? Blackwood's has been here for 17 years so I am saddened I've really been missing out on a fine dining experience.
Raegen enjoyed his dinner too. His favorite part would probably be "sneaking" fries off of daddy's plate and dipping them in daddy's ketchup. {you know it's coming so stop reading now if this will make you queasy} Then, of course, licking the ketchup off and double-dipping the fry.
As Raegen would say, "umm, umm, umm."


Laura said...

I am SO glad that you cleared up that little pronunciation problem! And the little man is oh-too cute with his stained ketchup face. He's my kinda man b/c I love me some ketchup...on everything!!

Holly said...

That looks delicious even partially eaten. :~) And yes, thanks for the pronunciation!

Hautemama said...

Gyros are the best! Have you ever tried Hummus - soooo good!

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