Thursday, April 16, 2009

Just one of the guys...

The guys came over to watch AI after church last night. They brought with them a sack full of Mickey D's and offered Raegen a hamburger. He took to it like nobody's business...eating hamburger, bun, and all. He even propped his feet up on the coffee table and leaned back onto the couch. What can I say, he is cultured.

He is starting to say more words and will repeat most words. He also always answers a question with "No" followed by a series of uncomprehendable words. It is hilarious, to say the least.
You know what else is hilarious? This.
Raegen has a bad habit of opening the patio doors so I try to keep them locked. Yesterday I was in the office and saw Dusty walk by OUTSIDE! I walked in the kitchen and the patio door was wide open. Raegen was standing in the middle of the patio with a huge grin on his face. I was not grinning. He got in trouble and I sent him to time-out. When I walked by I noticed Dusty had joined him. Are they buddies or what?
Here's a little peak at my birthday gift from the hubs. We {and I mean, "I"} had planned to purchase it on eBay, but Billy's one of those people that likes to celebrate your birthday ON your birthday and give you gifts ON your birthday. None of this before and after stuff. So, after my birthday dinner the other night, we waddled over to Wal-Mart and bought this bad boy...

I'm in love. :)


Holly said...

I don't know anything about a cricut. :~) But, congratulations on getting one for your birthday!

Those two photos of Raegen are so sweet. He is growing up! Enjoy every minute, because they don't last.

Hautemama said...

You did not get a Cricut!!??? I'm so happy for you-it's the ultimate in scrapbooking and crafting.

The pic of Raegen with the dog in time-out is priceless. Dogs are so loyal to their little boys. So cute.

Angela Ibarra said...

I am oficially JEALOUS, but hey, I do know where you live.

Angela Ibarra said...

O.K. Tobin you inspired me, I have wanted one since Mrs. Jennifer told me about hers last year at camp, so now I must have one. You are right, Ebay is the place to go.

The Stain Family said...

Actually we got it at W-M...B couldn't wait. haha! There wasn't much of a price difference and that way I got instant gratification...his words, not mine. :)

Kari said...

OH I AM SOOO ENVIOUS! I want a cricut soo bad! And, I LOVE that shot of time-out! They ARE buddies!

Kate Craig said...

I'm cracking up at this post too! The feet on the table is so great!

What cute little buddies

Angela Ibarra said...

Yeah, I looked at WM, I saved about $70, which to me is worth the wait, now my excitement is just building. I think that you got the cricut expressions, which they really weren't much of a difference in price, but they are pricy, and way out of my budget, so I just got the cricute create which is the smaller one, it will defanetly fit all of my needs.

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