Friday, April 10, 2009

Our newest's a boy!

Didn't we JUST say LAST NIGHT that we didn't need a dog? My how things change. ha! Billy sent a text this morning telling me he had found a lost puppy. It had been at a property for a few days and the managers had contacted the pound to come pick him up. We decided he would be a perfect match for Raegen...
Let me at him!

Love at first sight...

For me?

For me?

Wait big guy! You can't go over there!

I will need you to go that way, please.

Umm...I said follow me.

Give me five, up high...

and down low, too slow!

Isn't this fun?

Hugs and...


That was WET!

What are you doing?


I need a break.

"Hey! Hey! HEY!!!"


Kari said...

Aww! Congratulations, and I am sorry! ha ha
He looks so happy to have a puppy!! I love the "down low, too slow" caption...hilarious! Have you guys named the puppy yet!? I don't think I saw a name.

Holly said...

I love this post! Every boy needs a dog! The pictures are wonderful.

Hautemama said...

That is the cutest puppy! In a couple of months, you won't know what you did without him!

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