Monday, May 11, 2009

Sean baby turns O-N-E!!!

We celebrated Sean's birthday, on HIS BIRTHDAY! :)
Rarely does it work out that way, but Sean's birthday and birthday party were both on Saturday.
Here are some pics of the party...

April is now 5 months...doesn't she look great?

Mike is 5 months too...

Can't leave out daddy!

Dusty traveled with us this weekend and we were more than pleased with his behavior. He is so gentle with kids, which is a blessing. He was very calm around Annelise, but she wasn't a fan...

Remember me saying it's like I've got the WWF Smackdown in my house?
Here's an explanation {in pictures}...

"Can't you do something?"

"I've got him pinned!! ONE...TWO...THREE...ding-ding-ding-ding!!"

Alyssa had a lot of fun with Dusty too...

I need some help...they said as soon as we get these balloons aired up, we can start the party!

I'm workin' on it cuz!!

"Aunt Rah, no more pics, puh-lease!!"

"Yummo...cake, where have you been all my life?"

another Cricut creation...

Bring on the gifts!

So here's the story...I suggested a group pic, meaning I would take it and not be in the pic. Robby said, "no, no, no! Use your timer and put the camera on my truck." I ran off and left my handy dandy remote, so the self-timer on the camera is all I had to work with. As you can see...I wasn't quick enough.

There are two options on my camera for the self-timer...2sec and 10sec. For the life of me I could not find the 10sec option, so I only had TWO SECONDS to work with! Hello?! I can't even bite into a cookie that fast. Then, three things happened...

One, GENIUS Katie suggests I run to the LEFT side of the group instead of crossing over to the right. Katie, thank you for your common sense...I may need to borrow it again sometime. :) AND TWO, I had everyone take TENSTEPSFORWARDPLEASE!! Finally, THREE, Marc {who owns the same camera I do} moseys on up to show me how it's done...five minutes later we're still at square one, so this was the final pic!! ha!! {I'm thinking I need to ALWAYS have my handy dandy remote!! It makes things so much easier!} :)


ALI said...

I love the pictures of you running! I'm laughing! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

What great pictures!!!

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