Thursday, May 14, 2009

So it seems it's our anniversay...

For all you married folk out heard it first, here!
Your anniversary repeats EVERY year.
Amazing, huh?
It comes on the same day as to not confuse our simple minds.
Thankfully I have a sister that reminds me when mine is
{I was clueless until I received a text that read "It's your ann. And hopefully..."
Of course at first I thought it read, "this is your aunt"}.
Confusion aside...It's OUR anniversary TODAY!! Happy Anniversary to us!!

I like this picture...that's me on the left, and Billy on the right. Who was more comfortable??
Riding off into the sunset...literally!!


Jesse and Jodie said...

Happy Anniversary! Marriage is such a gift. I love the pictures!

Angela Ibarra said...

That was quite a fun weekend. I remeber pulling apart ALL the roses so we would have petals to throw as you guys ran off.

Stephanie said...

Awe! Happy Anniversary!!

TheWinstonFamily said...

Happy Anniversary!

Holly said...

Happy Belated Anniversary! How cool to ride off in a helicopter! Where did you go? :~)

the Fosters said...

Love those pics!! What a day, huh? So much fun! Loved your long hair too (I like your short hair too, but I forgot what you looked like with long).
Way to go on the house tour! Love that idea!

The Stain Family said...

Holly- we flew to the airfield...not too far away. B was paranoid that someone would destroy our get away car so we parked it at the hangar. :)

Kari said...

Awww! Well, Happy Anniversary! I know I am late...but oh well! This is the first I could get caught up with everyone!!

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