Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Trash to Treasure - Chalkboard

I was JUST telling my sister what to do with the next canvas painting she came across,
and she said,
"I have one under the bed, you can have it."
And I have to say, it's perfect!
But not so beautiful...
And probably cost some dear lady a pretty penny when purchased...this label was on the back.

Now it looks like this...
{ignore the hole in the wall...we're do-it-yourselfers and are lacking the do-it}
I've contemplated having a chalkboard wall in the playroom.
The only thing keeping me from it?
Chalk dust. blah.
Instead, we're opting for a magnet board...coming soon!
I saw the idea for a chalkboard, made from a discarded canvas painting, on a blog recently
{sorry, but I don't remember where! If it was your blog, please leave a comment so I can link you!}.
First, I bought the cheapest can of black spray paint and put two coats on the painting to work as primer. I overlapped onto the frame because I knew I would be painting it as well.
Second, I covered the canvas with newspaper and put two coats of "stone" spraypaint on the frame.
Then two coats of Valspar Chalkboard paint on the canvas...waiting 24hrs between each coat.
I bought this can at Lowe's, but noticed Home Depot sells chalkboard paint in spraypaint form. Much more cost effective for a small project.

After the final coat cured for 24hrs, I brought it in the house and put on an even coat of chalk.

The can didn't have these instructions, but it's what "they" say to do.

This reminds me why I DON'T want a chalkboard...

Here's another copy-cat idea...
{saw this phrase in her kitchen, a participant of Kelly's Show Us Where You Live Friday homes}

I decided I should hang the chalkboard higher so little fingers wouldn't be tempted.
I took it down,
went to get my hammer,
and when I returned .08 seconds later,
I saw this...

He may be little, but he's quick!


Kari said...

That is such a good idea!! And boy he is quick!!

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