Thursday, May 7, 2009

A bird in the house is worth...

some poo on everything...

Yesterday, after being stuck in traffic for 40minutes {while 10 minutes from home!},
I came home to a bird in my house {no, we don't have a pet bird}
and no electricity.

I had hopes of keeping Raegen in his "nap mode" and easily moving him from car to bed with no interruptions. That ended abruptly when I opened the front door and saw a feathered creature flying through my living room. Poor thing kept running itself into my mirror in the dining room. I quickly ran next door and asked my neighbors for help.
They came right away and brought their pool net with them!

With their help it didn't take us long to shoo him outside. The chimney flu {not to be confused with the swine flu} has since been closed so hopefully that will not happen again.

He took particular interest in MY chair...
you know they say birds of a feather flock together...
That bird had some nerve...
doesn't he know I've got Kelly's Show Us Where You Live Friday to prepare for?!


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