Saturday, May 16, 2009

Wanna guess?

I am SUPER excited! Do you know why?


Lindsey Watson said...

because you're building a privacy fence?
because you have a giant hole in your wall, and you're going to cover it up with planks of wood?
because you're going to build a giant jungle gym/swing set in your back yard?
because you really don't need a bunch of 2x4s, but Ridout was having a huge sale??
i give up.

Jeff and Kibbie said...

A swing set is my guess!!!!

The Stain Family said... are aware that Ridout is having their MayDay sale soon, right? {Memorial Day, as always!} haha...I'll have to go load up if I run out!!

It's is indeed a swing fact, it's a "Sky Fort"! Seems the ground's not quite level though so we've got to do a little dirt work now, but hopefully we'll have it up before he graduates high school! :)

Stephanie said...

I was wayyy off...thinking a deck or fence lol.

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