Friday, September 18, 2009

Baby Brody

We got the call Monday afternoon that April's blood pressure was an issue and she was being admitted into the hospital. We packed our bags and headed north!!!
We had quite the family reunion when we arrived.
April was in great spirits, but clearly tired so we moved our big family party to the waiting room.

Raegen kept telling everyone the baby was "night-night".

And he and Uncle Robby got into some kind of "I hit you, you hit me" contest in the waiting room. :)

Eventually we all left to put the kids to bed and Billy and I had plans to return and be there for the long haul. I think everyone else's plans were to return around 2a.m. Before we made it back to the hospital we got the call that April was no longer at a steady 4.5 cm, but had progressed quickly to a 9!! :) Oh, the excitement!
Shortly after we made it to the waiting room I got a call saying my baby needed me so off I went. The rest of these guys were there for the duration...

Billy and Amber took over as "photographer" for me...thanks guys!!
I believe as the baby came nearer to birth, the crowd came nearer too!!

Just after midnight Mike was able to say, "It's a...


little Brody Bader

Meeting Uncle Robby for the first time...

This is her "nothing to it" face...ha! I am kidding! :)

Eventually the crowd went home and April got some rest.
The next day the cousins descended to give Brody a welcome to the world party!!

I was amazed at Brody's red hair and pale complexion. April's grandmother had red hair and her neice's hair also has a reddish tint. Though I have to say there is no reddish is RED! :)

Raegen was glad Brody came out to play...

Aunt Amber and Brody

Pawpaw, Sean, Ashlyn, & Uncle Marc

Pawpaw and his babies

That night we headed to watch cousin "O" play in a soccer game.

He was sweet enough to show Raegen a few tricks...

I figured he wouldn't stay put in this chair for long...

Sure enough, he found his own ball and empty field and entertained himself the entire game!!

Well, until Pawpaw spotted him and thought he was somewhere he wasn't suppose to be!! haha...

Good game O!!!

Afterwards we went to eat with Robby, Katie and the kids then swung by the hospital to tell Brody "night-night".

Pawpaw and his newest baby...

The next morning we all went by for our last hospital visit and then helped Brody move home!!! :)
Brody, Owen, & Aunt Katie

Let's go home!!
Mama April, Daddy Michael, and baby Brody

Hey there big ready to go home??

"Let's make it happen!!"

"One last goodbye to my new friends!"

Now that's a happy mama!!

Home at last!!

The next day we went over to say our goodbyes and while I did a mini photo shoot with Brody, Uncle Mike took Raegen for a ride...or two.... :)

April did a great job of decorating Brody's nursery.

"You're gonna be a great mama, Aunt April!!"

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