Monday, September 21, 2009

Showering Sean

Over the weekend I attended a shower for one of my good friends from grade school, high school, and college! {We were roommates in college too!}

Andrea is 35 weeks and anxious to have baby Sean.
I think she looks adorable!
{Though I remember what it's like to be 35 may look adorable, but you don't feel that way! She said she absolutely agrees! :) }
Regardless, at least she looks good!
Her hostesses were April, Lindsay, and Brenda and they did a wonderful job.
The food and decorations were perfect.

The shower was held "here", but there were a few that traveled from "back home". It's always fun to see familiar faces.
This is Andrea's mom, Helen, and my best friend from day three of life, Kim. :)

It is written in my baby book that she came and visited me when I was three days old...she was six months old! Currently Kim is pregnant with a boy and exactly five days further along than myself! :) Her oldest boy and Raegen are six months apart.

Andrea got some really cute gifts. I especially liked the pattern on this bouncer and her highchair.

Click on the picture to see a close-up. The pattern is "little hoot" and it is!!

When Andrea told me Sean's nursery was "outdoorsy" I couldn't resist using this "little farmer" fabric for his wipee case.

Lindsay is another good friend from grade school, high school, and college!
We even share the same bachelor's degree!
She uses hers and I probably never least not in a professional sense. :)
Brooke was able to be there too and she brought her A-dorable!!! daughter Ashlyn.

Of course no shower would be complete without a few Razorback gifts for the new baby!! This onesie also came with matching booties and bib.

I'm so glad we were all able to attend Andrea's shower and get a chance to catch up. We'll be having our 10 year high school reunion in a few weeks...YIKES!! How did that happen?

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