Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Fair Fun

What's a fair without a parade?
Tuesday afternoon we headed downtown for the annual county fair parade.
We arrived just in time to find some good seats and put in our ear plugs.
{the firetrucks are always first!}

Firetrucks from near and far, including those from the volunteer departments, participated and thankfully the sirens were a no show! ;)

This little guy was with the "bomb squad" truck in the previous picture.


There was so much for Raegen to see.
He tried his best to clap and wave at all the floats. It was precious.

We even spotted a few kids we know...

some were in the Cub Scouts, others in the marching band, and some on horseback!

My favorite part of the parade is always the band.

And of course I'm partial to the most important part of the band...the clarinets!! :)

It's always fun to see the variety of participants at the parade. Though I'm not certain they didn't just take a wrong turn...

There was a whole gob of tractors...some new, some old,
some BIG,

some small!

This year's parade theme was "Rockin' at the Fair" and most of the floats bore that slogan and decorated accordingly.
I just loved this mini ferris wheel.

"Scoose me, I need a closer look. Mama says the horses are next!"

We could smell them coming!! :)

There is a reason they're last!!

And off to the fair we went!!
First stop, the animals!!

"This is close enough. Really."

We ran in to some church friends at the fair too!

And they're off! :)

Zachy wanted to show Raegen his goat.
We tried to get a group picture, but the goat was less than cooperative!

This beautiful calf look harmless, but Raegen kept his distance, opting not to pet!

We took Raegen down the midway to see if he'd be interested in riding any of the rides. He showed interest immediately! As soon as daddy gave him the tickets...

he was off!!

What's better than a choo-choo train?

"Look ma, no hands!"

The elephants were next. I was more than a little nervous about this ride.

However, Raegen thought it was great!

And like all good things, it too came to an end. Talk about a heartbreaker.

It was all over, but the crying...

But with a few flips and flops Daddy turned that frown upside down!

And we all lived happily ever after!

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