Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Take me out to the ballgame.

Friday night we all met up for the Travelers last home game of the season. As we were waiting to park we got to see Tusk, the official Razorback mascot. He had a police escort and was being driven to Dickey Stephens Park for a pre-game pep rally. It was Raegen's first time to see him up close and personal. :) As we walked up to the stadium we could hear the Razorback band playing and the cheerleaders leading the crowd in "Woo, Pig, Soiee!" It made me anxious for Saturday's game!

Here we are enjoying a pre-game meal of burgers and dogs...so delicious! And all those youngin's behind us in the red shirts and cheerleading outfits? Yep, that's the band and cheerleaders. The older I get, the younger everyone else looks! They could have passed for junior high kids!

Raegen sneaking some popcorn from Ben, again. I'm pretty sure he told him "Mine!" as well...eventually one of the adults got them each a cup of their own popcorn. They still wanted the same cup! Poor Ben, he never catches a break.

Look how much my baby has changed from last year's game!

Let's play ball!

Our seats were great. We were in a private gated area that had plenty of room for the kids to stretch their legs!

"I wanna see!"

Cheering on the team.

Afterwards there was a wonderful fireworks display...possibly the best I've ever seen.

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