Friday, October 23, 2009

Prego Picks: Edition 3

It's no secret.
If you've recently been or are currently pregnant, you've seen the "Secret Fit Belly" panel in maternity stores. A few weeks ago I showed you my brown leggings I purchased with said panel...oh, so comfy! The panel is also available for jeans, dress pants, and skirts.
I decided to splurge a few weeks ago and purchased these pants from Motherhood Maternity online. I'm not a fan of online clothing purchases, but I knew what size pants I wore from that particular store so I went for it.

They arrived Monday and I've been testing them out this week. When I put them on I instantly noticed the back pockets are relatively low, and I could feel them against my legs. Something I've never been fond of. However, the super comfy panel definitely made up for it, but it didn't take long for it to slide down, down,
I was sagging so bad I could have made a gangster blush.
I've contacted Motherhood and they're going to let me return the pants. Thank you Lord!! :) I don't spend that much money on my normal pants!
I was discussing my dilemma with a friend, who has recently become such a fan of my fave Lee jeans that she is recruiting all her coworkers to try them too!, and she suggested I try a larger size of Lee jeans. Brilliant!! I had to go to Kohl's yesterday to get B some new pants so I grabbed about 15 different pair of Lee jeans for myself and hit the dressing room. I will spare you the gruesome details and just say it wasn't a match. :(

HOWEVER, Kohl's also carries the "secret fit belly" jean by "MOTHERHOOD" so I grabbed a couple of those to try on as well. When I tried on these, I knew I'd found a winner.

The pockets were perfect and the panel felt much more secure than the pair from Motherhood. I purchased them and plan on doing further testing today as I'm at home. I hope they're keepers!! I 'll let you know!

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