Friday, October 30, 2009

Prego Picks: Edition 4

Because it doesn't matter how you look on the outside, if you're not feeling great on the inside...

I wish I was kidding...seems a little early to be starting sour stomach. There's always a silver lining though...there's now a new "minty fresh" Zantac tablet!

I've been making lots of trips to the consignment shop lately...oddly enough, I haven't been buying maternity clothes, but rather consigning them! It's really quite embarrassing some of the "get-ups" I wore while preggars with Raegen...poor kid, no wonder he didn't want to face the world!
I absolutely LOVE being pregnant in the winter time. Just layer me up in sweaters and knits...the weather is just perfect for that sort of thing! The below picture was taken just three days before I gave birth to Raegen {I was 40weeks, 6days}. It was NOT a maternity sweater, but I made it one! :)
Photograph by: unknown, but no doubt someone less than 4' tall!

I tried wearing it the following winter {when I was NOT pregnant} and I LOOKED like I WAS pregnant! It was a tad stretched...or maybe a lot. It got tossed. :)

I have a few other sweaters that I was able to wear though they were also not maternity. For whatever reason, most maternity sweaters are 10x too big and long enough to be a dress! Shouldn't maternity clothing make you feel better, not bigger?
My point? Shop the sweaters in the Women's section first!!
The following is hands down my fave pick of the week...found at none other than, Kohl's! :)
It's an Apt. 9 Essential Shirred Turtleneck from the Women's department, not the maternity department.
Oh. my. dear. goodness. is it ever soft.
AND, it's the perfect length for a pregnant {expanding} belly.

It also comes in several colors and I'm not too proud to say that I bought it in
Oh, yes I did!
Did I mention it's on sale for $11.99, plus my 30% off coupon, times two, divided by 12 = practically FREE!
It's THE perfect shirt to wear under fly-away cardigans and "normal" sized jersey the one in this post.

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