Sunday, November 1, 2009

Any hour now....

Great news, my friends!!
Izzy is on her way! Uncle Justin and Aunt Kristen headed to the hospital last night after Izzy let them know she was ready to come out and play. Her due date was November 10th, which is also our late Grandmother Richardson's birthday. She will be our first "Richardson" grandbaby so I always thought that was neat. Though I really don't think Izzy being born on November 10th is any longer a reality!! :) At this point, progress is slow, but everything is going well.
We visited with Justin and Kristen just Friday night and I took what just might be her last belly shot...

No folks, that is not a basketball she is hiding under her is a baby!! :) Yes, she has taken great care of herself during her pregnancy and it shows!
Kristen also had the nursery finished so I couldn't resist taking some pictures. I'll give you a tour. To say it's adorable is an understatement.

The crib is absolutely gorgeous and Teesha's letters look amazing on the wall.

The bedding is so beautiful and soft...I wish I had a minky dot sheet on my bed! I tipped Kristen off to this wonderful business that makes custom bedding. If you are having a little prince or princess soon, you should check out Polka Tot Designs.

She also had the frames I made Izzy up on the wall...sooo cute! That center one , "Baby Girl", will soon be filled!

And here's the bow holder she recently ordered from me...a definite necessity for any girl. The picture doesn't show the right wall very well, but the phrase there says "My prince came...I call him Daddy" Precious!!

And lastly, the final wall with another Teesha she talented or what?

Eli was visiting at the same time and he and Raegen had fun playing together. They are just 4 1/2 months apart.

He also enjoyed playing with Uncle Justin. Had Raegen known that on a regular basis Uncle Justin gets to drive big, big trucks and really big tractors, he may have decided to stay forever. Okay, he WOULD have decided to stay forever!
We're praying for a safe, healthy delivery for baby Izzy and Aunt Kristen. I'll be sure and keep you updated.

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