Friday, November 27, 2009

Gobble, Gobble

Raegen was more than happy to help Uncle Mike prepare his yard for the Thanksgiving festivities. It was his first time on a reel mower.
No, not a real mower, a reel mower.
We are talking professional grade people.
His yard was immaculate...complete with stripes!

It was so pretty I didn't want to step on it...and I didn't!
I would have felt the need to comb it back in place.

Baby Brody...or should I say man-baby growing, growing, GROWING!
He is a healthy 15lbs at 10 weeks.
Even better, he's very content and happy.

Here are the women folk, working hard to get all the food prepared...

Raegen and Alyssa weren't afraid to get their hands dirty either...they gave Nana a hand with the dressing...
Uncle Robby helped entertain the young ones with "ring around the rosey",
and a few horseback rides...

I think the men are getting restless...they're inching towards the kitchen!

And at last it's time to eat!

As Raegen and Uncle Robby were playing around, the little king suddenly cried out in pain and wouldn't let anyone touch his forearm. We were concerned it might be broken so I put my "googling" skills to work and got on the phone to my "x-ray/injury guru" {a.k.a. Aunt Jenn}. She told me it was likely nursemaid's elbow and if the pain persists for 30min to an hour, we should have it checked out.
We went ahead and ate lunch, and

thankfully by the end of our meal Uncle Robby was able to contact one of his ER doctor friends and we ran over to his house for him to check it out. Uncle Robby and daddy knew for sure that it was broken because Raegen absolutely refused to move his arm and the slightest movement caused him to cry out in pain. It was so hard to see him hurt so much and not know what was wrong. When we arrived at the doc's house, he had a feeling it was also nursemaid's elbow and came out to the truck to examine my baby. He extended Raegen's arm which led to many tears {from Raegen and me!}, then he turned Raegen's arm palm up and proceeded to pump his arm quickly back and forth. It was a good thing Raegen was still strapped in his carseat because otherwise I think he would have jumped up and kicked the poor man. I had to hold Raegen's head and other hand down as he kicked violently and the tears streamed down {again, from us both!}. Then, just as quickly as the doc started, he was done, stepped away, and said, "He's all better." Raegen let out his blood curdling scream he'd been holding in, I dried his tears, let him out of his car seat, and all was well with the world again. He showed us his muscles, then started running and playing with the doc's kids.
It wasn't even sore!I was so thankful the Lord allowed it to be no more than a dislocated elbow.

God has been good, so good, I have been blessed.

We returned to Mike and April's, Raegen went down for a nap, and Alyssa charmed all the guys into playing "duck, duck, goose" was adorable!

Even baby Ashlyn got in on the game...

With our bellies full, and our hearts thankful, we sat around the rest of the afternoon and enjoyed being together...

A BIG thank you to Mike and April for hosting Thanksgiving this year. It's always a lot of work to prepare your home for visitors and they were more than gracious hosts.
Thanks so much!!

"Get off the grass!!" ;)

I love to see Raegen playing with his cousins, Aunts, Uncles, and Grandparents. I hope we will always be close, though we live far apart. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving and have so very much to be thankful for.

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