Friday, November 27, 2009

I painted my belly for this?

Alright, Kibster wins! She texted with her guess...and she is's "the Goot" from GBC! Do you see the resemblance now?

Original post follows:
Tuesday night we were treated to a Razorback game, courtesy of Robby {Billy's cousin} and his amazing season tickets {fourth row, half court, oh my!....THANK YOU!!}.

I've always been more of a basketball fan, than football because the fast-paced action keeps my attention.
Well, let me tell's a whole nother ballgame when you're sitting four rows from the court!
I've never sat so close in my about a different perspective!
It was close enough the guys could holler all the obnoxious comments they wanted, and the opposing players and refs could hear! Not that these sweet, innocent boys would ever do that, but I'm just sayin'...
Michael, Billy, & Robby

Robby is an amazing host. It's his desire that everyone have a great time when they're in his company and he does everything within his power to make that wish a reality. It really wouldn't have mattered if we were on the first row or the very last, being at the game with Mike and Rob is why we had such a great time.
We're practically standing on the court, it was unreal!

We were close enough to see and HEAR Coach Pelphrey.
Here he is saying, "Boys! Please, run that way!"....or something of the like.

We played Morgan State.
You trying to figure out who that is?
We didn't know and didn't care.
What we did know is "Wooooo Pig Soieeee, we're gonna win!!"
In fact, I didn't realize it was
Morgan State
until just now...
I thought the guys kept saying
Or-e-gon State!!

I wanted to share this pic with all my fellow bloggers...
see all the people in the stands with their laptops?

I'm pretty sure they're blogging. What else would they be doing??
Had they known I was at the game, I'm sure they would have let me join them as well.

And in case you really don't realize just how close we were, we were so close the dude shooting the t-shirts out of the over-powered marshmallow gun was so close...

the shirts just flew right over our heads!!

We had such a good lead over Morgan State, then I'm not sure what happened...

So we got a little pep cheer and I knew things would turn around...

but, boooo!, they didn't.

Despite the loss, we had a wonderful time and I really didn't paint my belly.
Come wasn't even televised! ;) I'll save my paint for another time.

Now, for a little contest...
This is Jemal Farmer.
He's a great basketball player, but he's also a look alike to someone I know.

It took me the longest time to figure it out.
Is it Colt?
A guy I knew from college?
Am I really seeing a resemblence??
YES! But who??

I've got it, do you?
{here's a GBC friends know this person very well!}

Show some competitive spirit and see if you can guess correctly!

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