Thursday, November 12, 2009

Room with a view...

{unless you really, really like in you're a grandparent that wants to see their darling may want to skip this lengthy post 'o pics I have today. I do this as much for my own memory and record keeping as anyone...and today's a doozey!}
Last Tuesday while we were on vacay, it was daddy's BIG 3-0!
What could be better than waking up to a beautiful boy, a gorgeous view, and perfect weather?

The business conference was held at the Orlando Resort: Marriott World Center. Rather than stay elsewhere for a few days, then change hotels to accomodate Billy's conference meetings, we chose to stay at the resort all week...and it was mah-velous! We could see Epcot and Downtown Disney from our room.

As well as the many pools, fountains, and golf course at the resort.

For our first big day of rest and relaxation we choose...

You thought I was going to say Disney, didn't ya? Maybe in a few years, but for this trip we felt Sea World was more appropriate for Raegen's age. Plus, they have a great option where you can get your one-day pass validated and return for a second day, FREE! Okay, so it's not really free, right? I mean we DID pay for it when we bought the first ticket, plus there's a parking fee each day....

B and I visited SeaWorld three years ago when I was pregnant with Raegen. In fact, I was around 21-22 weeks with Raegen and during this trip I was 23 weeks with Mr. Bojangles. One thing we enjoyed greatly on our trip when it was just the two of us, were all of the shows so we made sure and saw them this go-round with Raegen.

Our first show was "Clyde and Seamore Take Pirate Island"

It was just as great this time around though they did add a few dialogue changes and included phrases such as "I'm going to go update my Facebook status"

It's amazing how well the animals are trained. Afterwards we stopped by the Pacific Point Preserve to see the sea lions up close.

Then we took a journey through Penguin Encounter where Raegen and daddy had their picture taken...

in the same spot we had ours taken just three years earlier!
{Can you tell we've upgraded our camera since then?! Best birthday gift ev-ah!!}

Next on the agenda was the "Believe" show in the Shamu Stadium. But first! We presented daddy with his birthday gift while chowing down on our hotdog lunch! ;)

I had big plans to send him away for a weekend of rollercoaster rides with R & M for his BIG 3-0, but when the conference date was announced those dreams went down the drain. So, instead we gave him some money towards his "surround sound" fund. :)
Shhhh...the show is starting!

This trainer was trying to get Raegen to mimic the "jump out of the water Shamu!" hand signal...and he did!

Those whales are soooo ridiculously large!

We stopped by Shamu's Happy Harbor next. An area we didn't explore on our last visit, mainly for lack of kids. :)

Immediately we spotted Shamu and I was curious how Raegen would react. Thankfully there were no tears, only a look of confusion.

Just beat it!!!!

Raegen and daddy waiting in line to ride the Jazzy Jellies...the anticipation is killing B!!

Raegen wasn't tall enough to ride any of the rides by himself, but he could ride if accompanied by an adult.

Originally I was going to ride Ocean Commotion with Raegen, but once I saw the Ocean Commotion in motion, I backed out! It was a little much for me and Mr. Bojangles!!

But Raegen thought it was great!

I'm not sure who was more excited to ride Shamu Express, a children's scale rollercoaster. I even warned B that there was a 30 minute wait and he replied, "I've got nothin' but time." :)

While they were waiting to ride, a group of
colorful guys
on stilts
carrying drums
and jumping in the air
showed up.
Raegen and I headed over to get a looksee.

They put on a great performance, dancing and jumping in the air.

As Raegen and daddy inched toward the front of the line, I found the perfect spot to snap their rollercoaster ride pics.

But sadly they were busted when their turn came...Raegen was just two inches too short to ride. :( Oh, the drama...from them both! :)

The Flying Fiddler quickly turned that frown upside down!

He was by far, the tiniest rider...

But clearly, no one had more fun!!!

Oh my word did this boy cackle!!!

He thought it was more than wonderful!

It didn't quite compare to the Flying Fiddler, but we finally found something I could enjoy with my little king...Swishy Fishies!

He was a little disturbed when the ride ended and begged to ride again. The attendant was kind enough to let us keep our seats because there wasn't a line at the time...but then he changed his mind and wanted off! Of course!

And then he saw IT.
He stopped dead in his tracks, plopped to the ground, and began removing his shoes. When we realized what was going on in his mind we quickly said, "No, no, don't have to take your shoes off." Though all he took in was "No, no, no", which resulted in an unfavorable response. Imagine that.

For it was THIS that had caught his eye...

Never have I been so thankful to be a pregnant mama!! It was definitely a job for dear 'ol daddy. ;)

It was a never-ending maze of tunnels and nets that reached sky high. What a great daddy to carry him through it all...again, and again, and again...

After a day of little rest and lots of walking, it was time to head home for a nap! But first Raegen ran into a few more characters...

"He's o-tay mama"

Giving "knucks" and parting ways...

CLASSIC photo op...
Daddy, Mama, Mr. Bojangles @ 23 weeks, & Raegen

Daddy, Mama, and Raegen @ 22ish weeks

I should dig out the one of me, Justin, and Stacy from looooong ago! :)

"Look at these birds mama, they're great to chase!"

"Easy big guy!!"

After a nice, long nap we headed to dinner to celebrate B's birthday. We dined at Hawk's Landing, a restuarant located within the resort.

Like father, like son...

We started with scallops...

then enjoyed a NY strip with a loaded potato,

hot dog and fries,

and Yellowtail Snapper with a side of asparagus for dinner.

Unable to bake a cake for the big day as I have in the past,

I chose instead to have the waitress surprise him with dessert.

Or maybe it was for me? Regardless, it was delicioso!

Afterwards we headed upstairs for a little unwinding

maybe a lot of unwinding...

Then settled in for some rest to do it all over again!

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