Monday, November 9, 2009

Sunshine State, here we come!

So I tricked you last week...and I'll probably do it again sometime.
My momma always told me, "there's crazy people out there!" I didn't tell you I was leaving town! Not that I think any of YOU are crazy people that would be tempted to find my house, sneak in, and discover how I organize my dish towels, but you can never be too careful.
Every year my husband has a business conference in the fall. Sometimes the king and I get to tag along, sometimes we don't. This year we DID!!
I'll warn you now...if you're not interested in looking at a gajillion pictures of my husband, our little king, and myself, you'll probably want to skip reading my blog this week and just come back next! :)
Monday morning our departure started out a little rough...who knew a two year old needs their own plane ticket?? :) Oops. After that small fiasco was settled we were rerouted to Chicago due to a flight delay to Dallas that would cause us to miss our connecting flight to Orlando. Got all that??
"Windy city, here we come!"

B and I were both very nervous about how Raegen would handle the flight, but he did great.
It helped that the flight attendant was more than accomodating:
allowing us to move to the back row of the plane so we would have more room,
showing Raegen how to stack plastic cups, and knock them down!,
giving us three large bags of almonds and trail mix {that he handed out to no one else!},
and finally letting Raegen announce over the speaker, "Welcome to Chicago!"

We had a lot of time to spare at O'Hare, but thankfully there was a "Children's Musuem" play area available for Raegen.

He got to fly a plane...

check his weight on the baggage scale... {33lbs!}

explore the shipping crates...

make great use of the slide...

and chase new friends...

We grabbed some dinner before we headed on south. No visit to Chicago is complete without "Chicago-style" pizza...
We arrived in Orlando about three hours after originally intended, but everything worked out just fine and we had a great start to a great week...

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