Monday, November 9, 2009

Why didn't I bring my GirlScout "sit-upon"?

I interrupt this week long slide show of vacation pictures {I think can do that, it is my blog}...
to bring you "The Pioneer Woman grabs her overalls, kicks off her heels, and heads to Arkansas!"
Monday night I headed south with a few friends to meet The Pioneer Woman. Yes, THE Pioneer Woman...not to be confused with THE Ben Stein. Completely different.
A HUGE thanks to my sister, Stacy, for saving us a spot in line.
I had no idea we'd still be standing there three HOURS later! Did I not learn anything in my years as a Girl Scout?
Law #1: Always be prepared!
{in other words, never leave home without your sit-upon!}

Trying to figure out where all these people are standing and why they have shopping carts? The great state of Arkansas hosted The Pioneer Woman at Wal-Mart. We're fancy like that.
I waited in line with my friends Angie, Jessica, my wonderful sister, Stacy, and baby Henry.

This will have to suffice as my 24 week picture as I didn't get a "belly shot" today...and Jess is 32 weeks! THIRTY-TWO!! I don't know her secret, but I plan to find out and bottle it for myself!
Marlboro Man also came with PW and signed books. There were some sweet gals in line in front of us that were kind enough to take our picture....more than once, twice, or thrice!!

They thought I looked familiar so I told them I was MckMama, but they knew didn't help my case that Stacy was holding Henry at the time. He could pass as a small Stellan. Maybe. Not.

MM signing my cookbook...

The line snaked all the way from the front center of the store, through the main aisle connecting housewares and clothing, and past fabric/crafts. By the time we made it to the front baby Henry and I were all tuckered out.

Here are the sweet gals that played paparazzi for us all night. They forgot their cameras so I took their picture with my camera and will email it to them.
The Pioneer Woman, Mama Red Head, and Lady Zebra

{check out PW's camera! It's a Nikon...I knew she was good people...}

Me, PW, Stacy, and Henry

PW and Jess

PW and Angie

My friend Laura was also there, but I couldn't find her again after we met PW {and I did try!}. The line was still terribly long...

still stretching to the back of the store...

It was a long three hours in line, but I had fun spending time with my friends and sister. It was also nice to meet new folks. Though my "hanging out" preference involves a comfy couch and a glass of Diet Pepsi!
P.S. There is no reason to tell my husband she signed a "cook"book...he would expect me to use it! ;)

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