Saturday, February 13, 2010

Baby Buys: Edition 1 - Big Brother is watching.

With only 2-4 weeks of pregnancy left, I think it's time to hang up the "Prego Picks" hat and share some of my fave "Baby Buys".
One of the best gifts I received when I had Raegen was a baby monitor from Aunt Katie. But let me assure you, this is no ordinary monitor. It is a Summer Infant Day&Night Handheld Color Video Monitor.
It is actually her "staple" baby gift for new moms.
The Day&Night Handheld Color Video Monitor from Summer Infant is a truly portable unit that allows parents to see, as well as hear, their baby while moving around the house. It's ideal for checking on baby without waking them. There are also traditional sound lights that visually show baby's level of activity. Nighttime LED lights on the camera make the baby fully visible in a darkened room, while the portable video monitor has rechargeable batteries plus an AC adapter and offers a belt clip and kickstand for extra convenience. from Summer website
It has become one of my favorite gifts to give as, contribute to as a "group gift". :) It is available at most major retailers and has that "major retailer" pricetag too! After tax and shipping costs it runs $200, but I have recently found a great seller on eBay that I can purchase it from for half that price!
The camera and monitor have two channels to minimize interference and also provide the ability to add another camera and view activity with the same monitor. The camera and monitor are portable and can easily be taken on a trip. Aunt Katie brought hers along while visiting last year and we were able to view her baby in one room and Raegen in another on the same monitor, simply by switching the channel. Some monitors come with two cameras or additional cameras can be purchased individually. I contemplated purchasing an additional camera only, but for the price {$75-$99 on eBay}, I could purchase an entire set {$109.99/free ship! from fave seller} that's what I did!
{I was actually able to make this purchase with monies received from friends and family that showered baby Lynden!}
The boys will each have their own camera over their bed and I'll be able to view them on one monitor.
Most people don't realize that THREE years later, we're STILL watching Raegen on his video monitor. Just the other night I turned it on to "spy" on him...he had pulled his over-sized stuffed horse onto his bed and was riding it! Giddy-up! haha! There have been countless times we've grabbed the video camera and filmed the monitor screen so we could record him doing something funny. It has definitely received much use and abuse over the last three years and still works perfectly. What I like most of all is the peace of mind it gives me. In the past when Raegen would fuss or cry out, I could always check the monitor first to see if he needed my attention {leg stuck in crib, etc.} or if he was just fighting sleep.
This baby buy is well worth the money!

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