Friday, February 12, 2010

Party Pooper

When I read this post by my friend Laura {last year},
I thought, "GENIUS!! That's what we're doing for Raegen's 3rd birthday."
I LOVE having people over and hosting parties, but sometimes birthday parties can get out of hand and stress me out. Her post came at the perfect time too because just a few months later we found out we were expecting again...
and the due date would be just weeks from Raegen's 3rd birthday!
Sooo...for those of you I have failed to inform as of yet...
we are NOT having a birthday blowout this year.
That decision has relieved so much stress from me and the little king could care less nor know any better! :) He's only concerned about his birthday cake!! haha
We will be having cake and ice cream at 1p.m. on Raegen's birthday and any and all are invited to join us for a sweet treat at our home. After we've had our fill of cake, we're going to take him to the local play place and let him run off all that sugar! Again, any and all are welcome to join in the fun.
I do appreciate all the offers to help me throw a birthday bash, but it's just not necessary...besides, there's always next year! :) His second birthday party was a lot of fun, but I'll be right at 39 weeks for his 3rd birthday and baking/decorating his cake will be all the stress I'm interested in handling! ha. This will be the first cake I get to use my "skills" that I learned in class...that seems like ages ago already.
To sum it up:
Raegen's 3rd Birthday will be on his birthday
enjoying cake and ice cream at 1p.m. at his house
then an afternoon of play at the local play place
So, come join us if you like!
{Raegen doesn't know about the play place just yet...I like to reserve that kind of information until the day of the event. Otherwise, I hear about it all day, EVERY day! :) And if the plans fall through, I'll never hear the end of it! ha So, please don't mention it to him.}

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