Saturday, February 20, 2010

Baby Buys: Edition 2 - Tie one on.

I saw this video on You Tube a few months ago and thought it was hilarious.
If you're a fellow baby wearer, you will too! :)

My baby buy of the week is the sling, wrap, long piece of fabric twisted that holds the baby...
whatever you want to call it! :)
I refer to mine as a wrap.

You can wear it in a crop,

You can wear it while you mop!
You can wear it at the zoo,

you can wear one or even two! {kids, that is! no joke!}
You can wear it in construction,

you can wear it and still function!
You can wear it in a crowd,
you can wear it where it's loud!

I LOVE my baby wrap!!
Did I mention I LOOOOOOVE my baby wrap?
My sister introduced them to me when Raegen was around eight months old...
wish I had discovered it sooner!!
Can you say
There are several places to purchase them online and my sister and I also make them to sell.
{just click on our buttons on the left side of the screen to view products}

Here's the newest one I made for baby Lynden.
Maybe we'll actually get to use it at a HOGS game this year {hint, hint to the hubs!}. ;)

And another I made for an order recently.

I have discovered it's easiest to have a "marker" of sorts for the center point {hence the appliques}. There are numerous ways to carry your baby...
cradle carry
cross carry
front wrap cross
pocket wrap cross
kangaroo carry
and so on.
It's also easy to create your own carry style.
Most directions start with finding the center point of the wrap. Having an applique on center just makes the process quicker. Just search online for "baby wrap directions" and a host of tutorials will pop up. Several video tutorials are available on You Tube as well.

Wraps are great for carrying newborns, infants, and toddlers too!
You can nurse discreetly in them and there's no better place for baby to nap. They also work great as a barrier to keep strangers and germ-covered hands at bay. You can easily pull the wrap up to cover babies head to protect them from wind, light, and crazy people! :) It's okay...they can still breathe...haha.

This baby buy will not only make your life easier {can you imagine me taking an infant carrier in to the grocery store? Raegen sits in the front...carseat in the basket...where do I put the food?! Solution? Wrap Lynden up!}, but it's also a great way to bond with baby.
I can't tell you how many of these I have made and given as gifts and the number one thing I hear is, "I wish I had started using it sooner!" :) I promise it's not complicated to learn the different carry styles...please, if I can do it... :)

The wrap is so comfortable. I used traditional baby carriers before I discovered the wrap and after thirty minutes or so, my back would start to hurt. With the wrap, babies' weight is distributed more evenly. You can also pull the fabric down over your shoulders to help distrubute the weight even probably noticed in the pictures that's how I carried Raegen the most. It's also extremely versatile. You're not limited to only a front or back carry. It also takes up literally no room at all. I have a small bag I keep mine in. When I take it off I just wad it up in a little ball and stuff it in the bag! :) It's not cumbersome at all.
If you, or someone you know is having a baby...this is a MUST-HAVE! :)
You know what they say... "when mama's happy..."

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