Saturday, February 20, 2010

My baby is THREE!

I really feel as though that title has a typo...
I can understand my baby being two years old, but THREE?!

Oh. my.
No, it doesn't feel like three years ago we welcomed our little king,
Raegen Autrey Stain,
into this world.

He was born on a Tuesday evening at 5:12p.m.
Thirty minutes later they let me see him for the first time.
I remember exclaiming,
"He's huge!"

He was a nine pounder {automatically inducting me into the "big baby mama club"}, but I blame that statement on the way he was wrapped-- like a double-layer burrito!
At nearly forty-five minutes after birth, I was able to hold my baby boy for the first time. He was so tiny.

As we were told it would, his first year of life flew by...

And the second year seemed to go even quicker!

And NOW I'm suppose to believe he's THREE!
It just can't be.

Raegen you are truly a social child. You tell nearly everyone you meet, "Wanna go home with you. You have toys?" The scary thing is, you would go home with anyone! :)

You can count to 10, 15, and on a good day when you're feeling spunky, even 20!

You can sing your ABCs,
"Jesus Loves Me",
and your own version of "Happy Birthday".
Your favorite toy is still a ball and most people are amazed at your shooting ability.

You can do a forward roll,
donkey kick,
and even push-ups!

You talk non-stop.
Did I mention NON-STOP?

You weigh 34lbs and you're 36.5 inches tall.

You're extremely healthy and rarely get is quite the exception.

You love all kinds of fruits and we usually bribe you with bread to get you to eat your vegetables. Your all time favorite food is "mas-a-roni!!"

You love going to church,
Toddler Time at the library,
and playing with your many cousins and friends.

Your meal-time and nighttime prayers are so sweet and very thorough! You feel the Lord should know what food is on your plate and where your daddy is when you ask the blessing for the food. :)

You are such a joy to us and we are so thankful the Lord gave us the privilege of being your parents.
We love you!!

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