Monday, February 22, 2010

Baby "Hai-Rae"

Saturday morning Amber, Maricela, and myself headed to help shower Ruth, Toby, and baby Hailey Rae. For those of you that don't know, Ruth's father was Billy and Amber's pastor while they were growing up. They are still extremely close to the family and when we travel home to see Billy's parents, we always stop in to visit with Bro. Kent and his family. Ruth married Toby who was once a member at the church Amber, Maricela, and myself all attended. So we're all connected in more than one way.
Amber, Ruth {baby Hailey Rae}, Robin {baby Lynden Rucker}, and Maricela
These ladies were dressed as twinks! I think they secretly called each other that morning!! :)
Ruth's estimated due date is 3/8, just one week after Lynden's...she and I know FOUR other people that are due within a week of our EDD's!

The shower was hosted by Toby's sister and aunt. They ordered the cake from a local bakery and it was soooo cute!!!

It was also really, REALLY good!!

Maricela and I had to leave early to finish prepping for Raegen's birthday party. Amber promised she would take lots of pictures for me, and she did!! However, her camera battery died right before Ruth got to our here's a picture of them all wrapped up! :) Amber filled this cute basket with all kinds of goodness...diapers, wipes, clothes, and cutesy wall letters she decorated with pink and brown scrapbook paper. She did a great job and I know they'll look adorable on Hailey's nursery wall.

I'm not sure who gave this, but I thought it was adorable. It's a little girl's umbrella filled with baby items and all wrapped up in pink netting...what a great gift idea!

Maricela found the cutest little dresses and outfits for Hailey. Little girl's clothing is just too precious!

Raegen sent along some gifts for his little friend too...GermX {a must have!! :)}, a pink rattle, and this cute carseat toy.
Ruth and Toby live about 2 1/2 hours away so we probably won't get to visit when Hailey is born. Since I won't be able to place a big bird in her yard, I decided to make a wreath for her to hang on the hospital door and then on their front door at home.

Of course I made her a wrap!! :)

a wipe case {surprise, surprise, huh? ;)},

and a burp cloth. You know she'll need plenty of those!!
It was great to spend time with Ruth and Toby. Baby Hailey Rae is so blessed to be receiving such wonderful parents.

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