Monday, February 22, 2010

39 out of 42...making progress

So here I am.

Many of you thought I couldn't make it {haha}, but I have! :)
I've really been trying to prepare you all for a long pregnancy, so maybe now you'll understand I really mean it. :)
In case you've forgotten, or maybe just didn't know, Raegen came at 41w 1d...and that's only because I was induced! :) As long as there continues to be no complications, I will NOT be induced with Lynden. So he'll debut when he sees fit, not according to any "due date" or schedule.
I do have a confession to make though...
I have CANKLES!!
They arrived Sunday and will likely stick around until after I deliver.
They're quite a sight to see.
I made a comment to my CA cuz the other day that when I was pregnant with Raegen, I was overly concerned with having a nice pedi so my toes would look "pretty" for the hospital. With this pregnancy I could care less what my toes look like, but want a pedi so someone will massage these poor legs!!! So, today {while the little king is away} I'm treating myself to a spa poor legs and feet can hardly wait! :)
Another confession is...
I haven't packed my hospital bag.
No need to get upset...I finally started a "pile" of necessities and will likely get around to finishing my bag sometime this week. Contrary to popular belief, if Lynden chooses to debut and my bags are not packed, I will still have time to grab the things I need. It would be nice if he just "came on out", but labor doesn't quite work that way...or at least that's what I've heard. ;)
And finally, because according to the general public "he's going to be here ANYDAY!",
let's play a game...
Lynden's Predictions
In the comment section let me know your guess for the following:
We let our TNT pre-teen group make these guesses at church last night and I was pleasantly surprised with their answers. :) It was quite the contrast to what our teens guessed three years ago with Raegen!
I'm really looking forward to reading what everyone thinks! :)

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