Thursday, February 11, 2010

Did I say that?!

Raegen's Ramblings...
While on the way to the potty last week, he most assuredly turned around and stated,
"I be back mom."
He clearly knew I'd be in tears over his five minute absence.
Today while in Wal-Mart he pointed to a little elderly lady {donning a white toboggan and a red scarf} and started
He then proceeded to ask,
"What her name? Mama, what her name?"
I don't know baby.
"Oh, her name SANTA CLAUS!"
{I looked around for a rock, but no such luck. Thinking I may need to carry my own.}
While getting supplies at Home Depot a few weeks ago my sister spotted a brand NEW newborn and proceeded to explain to the little king that his brother would be that tiny...and sleep a lot...and look like that...and so forth...
With a puzzled look on his face he responded,
"THAT my brother?!"

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