Thursday, February 25, 2010

Lucky Lynden!

Tuesday night our church showered Lynden and myself with all kinds of baby goodies...
and truth be told, they showered Raegen too!

Me and my hostesses with the mostesses!!
Sara, Erin, Trish, me, Lindsay, and Lisa
The ladies did a fantabulous job of organizing, decorating, and cooking for the shower. It was really wonderful. Lisa even brought her daughter's fancy smanchy camera and sat on the floor taking pictures all night...
in her dress and heels!
Now that's a friend! :)
In case you don't know, I'm a bit of a photo-fanatic so it really meant a lot to me that she would do that.

Oh, so sweet!
The cake was made by a lady at church. She did a fantastic job and it wasn't just pretty, it was delicious too!

Oh Erin, behave! :)

Mom, Stacy, Madisyn, and Henry were able to join me and the boys for the shower. It was so nice to have them there. I'm glad they were able to meet a lot of our church family too.
Erin's giving's the teacher in her. ;)
I'm sure she was really just practicing one of her "Domains" {it's a boring teacher joke}.

Once again, Madisyn was a fantastic helper. She kept the gifts coming so Aunt Rah didn't have to bend over and get them myself! :) Erin gave her a few pointers and then set her free. Madisyn leaned over and whispered to me, "I don't think she realizes I've done this before."

Raegen is spoiled.
It's true.
And not by his parents.
His friend, Miss Hannah, came to the shower and not only brought brother Lynden a gift, but she also brought Raegen a birthday gift!

He really thinks he's something now! :) He loves his bounce ball, though I frequently have to remind him it is for him to bounce on, not for him to throw across the room! :) I do believe in that last picture he's explaining to Miss Hannah that she's "too big!" for the ball. Oh, kids.
Trish was my "recorder" for all the gifts. If you've ever done that before, you know it's not easy. And it's definitely not easy to write neatly, but Trish did! I appreciate her perserverance and promise if I ever subject her again to an hour of random camera flashes just inches from her face, I will supply her with a nice pair of sunglasses. :)

Stacy made the above bibs {given to Lynden from his Mimi} and also a necktie onesie AND bib {pictured below}! Super cute!

One of the teens made the canvas! Now that's some talent!
Heather was my "official" paparazzi of the night, using my "new" camera {yes, I've been holding out!!}. Poor Trish wished she had brought her sunglasses!! :) Heather was quite the photog trooper too and sat right where the action was and even moved around to capture some candid shots for me. You're awesome Heather!

Can you believe I received an 8-pack of Diet Pepsi at Lynden's shower?
Talk about "knowing" a person! I also got bon-bons!! :) {B is always teasing me and telling others that I sit around all day watching Soaps and eating bon-bons!}

Mrs. Lori made created the cutest blanket... it has fabric tabs on the front to attach toys, links, etc. I've never seen anything like it and just love it. She also included an adorable wooden toy bar that I'm sure Lynden will love playing with during tummy time. The colors in this blanket match exactly to the quilt that Raegen's Nana made him when he was fun and bright!

Are the above shoes not adorable?
They're "pricey" Pedipeds, but were scored for a bargain at a recent consignment sale.
Oh, talk about a woman after my own heart!
{did I mention she's as much a Diet Pepsi addict as me?!}
It was such a great night of fun and fellowship and I feel very blessed to be part of such a wonderful congregation of women.

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