Thursday, February 25, 2010


I received a text yesterday afternoon that read,
"If I made you dinner and delivered it around 5:30 would that be good?"
My response?
"Like tonight? Like yeah!!!! :)"

My good friend Treena

took pity on my piggies {and hubs and little king!!} and cooked us a fine home-cooked meal.

It was delivered HOTT and delicious!

She even made homemade rolls!
Oh. my. dear. yummy. goodness!

Look at that beautiful plate of colorful food...
It was quite a chore to stay off my feet because I have plenty more I would like to accomplish before Lynden arrives. However, I didn't want a repeat performance of Tuesday night, so I stayed as close to the couch as much as possible. My feet aren't "normal", but they're definitely better.

I wanted to show Treena some gifts I received at the church shower and when she walked in the craft room she said,
"WOW! I bet you were just itching to put this stuff away today!"
Oh, it was just killing me!
We were roommates in college so she knows how OCD I am!! ha!
I really did want to go through all the gifts again
{I like to take my time and you don't really get to "ooh" and "ahh" over the gifts at the shower as much as you want...
if I had I'd probably still be there opening up gifts!}
and start organizing and putting things away. Maybe I'll get to do a little at a time today.

Remember the snow day when Treena came to visit and came bearing gifts?
I promised pics, so here they are...
This has to be my FAVE gift because I had already
decided to just use one of Raegen's old diaper bags for Lynden.
I'm really excited he has his "own" now.
And I luh-huh-hove the color and pattern!!

Treena also made these adorable burp cloths...

And her mother made these...
AND this...
AND this!
The blanket is really big, but also lightweight. It will be perfect for using as a stroller cover {you know, to keep all the crazies at bay} or to throw on the floor as a nice big playmat.
The Lord has really blessed us with wonderful friends and we are so grateful. We really strive to have a giving spirit, but I know we {especially myself} fall short. I want to be more conscious of others needs and how to help so that I can be a better friend to those around me.
And I really do promise, as soon as Treena gets me the delicious meatball recipe...I WILL be posting it! :)

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