Monday, March 1, 2010

40 weeks, where my baby?

Hello 40 weeks!
If you're expecting baby Lynden's arrival today...
ummm, don't hold your breath. :)

Lynden has certainly dropped some {I can tell because my ribs are no longer sore and bruised! Thank you Lynden!}, but he's still having quite the party in mommy's belly. In fact, at my appointment last week, Dr. S was trying to get his heartbeat and the little guy kept moving around. Finally, Dr. S jokingly tapped my belly and said, "stop that!"...haha!
Dr. S also looked at my cankles and said,
"Don't worry. There's an ankle in there...somewhere." :)
Did you notice the sandals in the above picture?
That's not me trying to be fashionable, that's actually my only footwear option right now!
I've contemplated making an additional hole for the buckle! It's really not fun to wear sandals in 35* weather so I'm extremely happy with the rise in temperature!!
I received some great advice from friends {drink lemon water, lay on left side, epsom salt soak, etc.} and my feet and legs are
MUCH better.
I was actually admiring them in Sunday School yesterday morning...I put it on our praise list! I'm trying to take it easy, but I'm in nesting overdrive. I purged our closets last Friday and took a few BIG bags of things to my fave store, "Toward Men" {a.k.a Goodwill}, and the local consignment store.
I even packed my hospital bag! You know, might as well...just in case. ;) ;)

This guy's gonna make a great big brother...

He's got so much to teach Lynden. Such as his "cute" face...

and these that he learned recently...

"Miss Jes-ca" from church taught him his "thinking" face...
Have a great Lynden will be here before you can say,
"April Fool's!"

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