Thursday, March 4, 2010


I got a new camera!
My friend Laura noticed it in my mirror pic from this post. I was totally surprised when B came home with it the end of January. I had no idea he was going to replace it for me. It had been close to a month since mine was stolen and our insurance company was still completing "paperwork" for the claim...whatever that means. ha.
I had been surfing the web comparing different Nikon models and was still unsure of what I wanted...did I want to stick with what I had? did I want to upgrade to something nicer?
We found out my D60 was no longer in production and had been replaced by the D3000. I wasn't sure what to do.
Well, B did the thinking for me {which is often the best thing because it's hard enough for me to decide what's for dinner!} and purchased the D3000 from the same local camera store we purchased our D60 and our Canon HD camcorder.
I was rather a snot to my new camera and treated it like a stray dog for a few days. It just sat on the counter, still in the box, while I tried to decide what I wanted to do. Eventually I took it out and could immediately tell it wasn't my D60. Who knew I had been so attached? I really had quite the sour attitude, but decided to give it a try...after all, I had four weeks to "play" with it and exchange it if I wanted.
It is essentially the same as my D60, with a few upgrades...larger LCD screen and 11 AF points vs. only 3 with the D60. I have finally come around and embraced my new camera...I've even adorned it with a new strap slip cover! :) It has everything I need in a camera, and like my D60, probably more!
Here are a few pictures from my "photo shoot" with the boys... ;)

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