Sunday, March 21, 2010

Lynden Rucker - One Week

Lynden Rucker,
you are now one week old. You were born last Sunday, March 14 at 11:46PM. Your pediatrician made morning rounds at 9AM on Monday and released you to go at noon. Your Aunt Stacy says it's because all the other babies in the nursery were scared of you. ;) She's just never went to the nursery.

You have had quite a busy week. We left the hospital just before 5PM on Monday {would have been sooner, but my "fill-in" doc was slow at his rounds ;)}. By the time we reached home, you had a houseful to greet you. Your Pawpaw and Nana Stain stayed with us Monday evening and your Grandaddy Richardson came on Tuesday to stay the rest of the week.
On Wednesday, Grandaddy, Raegen, and Mommy took your to your first pediatric appointment.
Your stats for the day:
Weight: Your weight was down from your birthweight of 10lb 12 POINT TWO!! ;) oz to 10lb 1.5oz. That's right at normal {7% loss} for a breastfed baby.
Height: 22 1/4"
Head: 15"
Your pediatrician thought you looked great and said your weight was in the 98.8%, height 97%, and head 88%.
Wednesday was also the day we started with cloth diapers. We came home with a package of newborn diapers from the hospital and I wasn't sure you wouldn't outgrow them before we ran out! ha. I was even nervous the newborn cloth dipes we have would be too small. :) Thankfully they're working...for this week anyhow.

On Thursday we all went to the chiropractor. Mommy got adjusted and so did you! Dr. C placed you on a soft blanket on your back and then ever so gently used her hands to put you back in alignment. It looked like she was giving you a very soft massage. You didn't cry at all, but your big brother Raegen did. He thought we were hurting you! He's very protective. There was another newborn in the office as well. He was six weeks old and weighed 7lbs...his mommy and daddy misunderstood me and thought you were 3 weeks old, not 3 days!! :) Your size seems to shock everyone.

On Friday we all drove down to Arkansas Children's Hospital for your PKU screening. We declined it in the hospital because it is more accurate to test during days 3-5. Your weight was already back up to 10lb 9oz and you were only FOUR days old!
Mimi Richardson and Aunt Kristen came to visit that afternoon. Thankfully, your Aunt Kristen noticed your cord clamp and pointed out that you should NOT have one!
It's been three full years since we brought your brother home and I completely forgot it's something they remove before being released. I knew it looked awfully big, and just assumed your brother's was a smaller clamp and less bothersome. We all just felt terrible for you. I called your pediatrican and they were about to close, but told us we could take you to the local hospital. I called to make sure and they refused to clip it off or offer me the special scissors to do it myself. {just another reason I'm glad we didn't go their for your birth! :)}
Soooo....down south we went to your hospital, they clipped the clamp, and we were back home by 8PM. We just couldn't believe you had seen two pediatricians and a whole slew of nurses throughout the week and no one mentioned a thing. I'm so thankful your Aunt Kristen noticed. It was all very embarrassing and heartbreaking for me. I hated that you had been in pain all week. In fact, your brother told us ALLLLLL week, "that hurts him!" and we would say, "no, it doesn't" and he would always respond, "Yes, it do!"
We should have listened to Big Brother!! :)

Your Grandaddy went home that evening and Mimi stayed to help me. I'm really glad she did because all the drama of the cord clamp and the week of going here and there for doctors appointments had really taken a toll on me. I was EXHAUSTED! :) On Saturday Mimi
took us back to the chiropractor because Mommy had a headache that just wouldn't go away. Then we came home and rested allllll day. It was very nice to just sit and rest, finally. Late afternoon Raegen returned from his trip with Aunt Amber, Uncle Marc, and Ashlyn. They had been to NWA for cousin Annelise's 2nd birthday party. He was so excited to see you again.
It's hard to believe you're a week old already. You have already outgrown ALL your newborn clothes...thankfully we didn't have many. :) I'm not sure how long the 0-3 month clothes will last as most "fit" NOW! :) I can't imagine you wearing them for three MORE months!
We only have one doctor's appointment and a portrait session for this coming week so hopefully it will go by sloooooowly and we can really cherish our time at home with you.

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