Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tuesday's Tour: Where the Boys Are

This was Raegen's nursery.
When we had some remodeling done over the summer we had all the walls painted new colors and even gave a few rooms new purpose.

This is a glimpse of what the boy's room was:
{our former guest room}
It's come a long way since last May, when we didn't know we would have an addition to the fam!, and is no longer the guest bedroom. You can go here to see my post I linked to Kelly's "Show Us Where You Live: Guest Bedroom Edition" last May.
This is what it looks like now:
I transitioned Raegen from a crib to this toddler bed when we were potty training. I wanted something he could easily get out of in the middle of the night or during naps. It has worked out great and I really like how small it is. I had contemplated getting him a twin, but I'm glad I went with this toddler bed. It allows him to have more floor space to play, it's easy to move around to vacuum under and I didn't have to purchase new sheets because he's still sleeping on his crib mattress. I found the bed at Walmart. It's also available at their online store, though it's priced a smidge higher online. It is available in oak, cherry, or white.
I think I've mentioned before that his bedding is from the "College '09" collection at Target. It was a Twin size I cut down and stitched to accomodate his toddler bed.
I found these great shelves to place above the boy's beds at "crack for crafters"...yes, I'm speaking of HobLob. ;) I don't remember what I paid,
but they were definitely HALF OFF!! :)
Never pay full price for ANYTHING at HobLob! Trust me, it will go on sale. :)

When we got new living room furniture recently, we moved my recliner to the boys room. It works perfectly for me to sit in and Raegen sit on his storage ottoman while I get him dressed. And yes, that is Fievel. Do ya'll know who Fievel is? :) I'm showing my age, huh? haha

Here is Lynden's crib. It's actually a "mini-crib". Have you ever seen one? I hadn't until my friend Kibs showed me hers for Jonathan. I think they're WONDERFUL! Just perfect for baby AND toddler! Again, it doesn't take up much space, it's a comparable size to a pack'n'play, AND it will transition to a toddler daybed AND a twin. Raegen never outgrew his crib and he still sleeps in pack'n'play's when we travel so it really couldn't be more perfect. It has three different levels-- it's on the highest level now. I found it online at Babies"R"Us, but was able to purchase it in their store. It also comes in a variety of colors.
You'll notice I don't have a crib bumper. I debated back and forth on this and finally concluded I just feel safer to NOT have a crib bumper. They just make me nervous that Lynden could get trapped between the bumper and the crib.

Eventually we will add some of Lynden's things to his shelf.
The bitty white booties that are directly in front of the train engine are from Grandma Bonnie. They might actually fit for a week or so! ;)

Here's my finished product with the boy's letters. You can read step-by-step instructions on how to make them yourself, here.

I purchased the changing table at a local consignment sale for $87.50...money well spent! It provides great storage and the low drawers are easily accessible for Raegen so he can put away his clothes.

The hand painted canvases with the boy's names were a gift from one of the teen girls at church. I'm amazed at her talent. If I tried to freehand something like that it would look like chicken scratch! She was able to match the colors perfectly to the boys bedding.

this storage cube!!
I scored it at Big Lots for a steal of a deal...on clearance for $50!!!
And the four storage baskets I found for $11 {for all four!!} at a local consignment sale. I just love having things organized...makes life simpler!

I made tags for all the baskets: Toys, Books, Raegen, & Lynden. It's great to have things labeled so Raegen and visitors know what goes where. Raegen's basket houses his shoes. He knows when he comes inside that he is to go put his boots in his basket. We do have to remind him, but he knows exactly where they go and he puts them away himself. Just one less thing for momma! :) And he's learning some responsibility too.
This frame atop the storage cube was a birthday gift to Raegen from Tim, Angela, and Hayden. It's so perfect for their room. I'm very anxious to fill it with a picture!

Angela added the "BROTHERS" letters herself! Isn't that genius?! She did such a great job and took this frame from chic to chic UNIQUE!!
**My goal is to show you a different room each Tuesday, but with a newborn here I'm not making any promises! ;) I had taken all these pics BEFORE Lynden's arrival. :) I'm just so happy that after five years, our house is finally coming together. We've taken our time and I'm glad because I'm very happy with what we've achieved. Had we rushed in and changed everything, not that we had the money to do it! ha, I would probably be wanting to change everything again!! ha**

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