Sunday, March 28, 2010

Lynden Rucker - Two Weeks

Lynden Rucker,
you are now TWO weeks old!

I am feeding on demand, but you have developed your own routine. Most days you average 2-3 hours between feedings. In the evening you generally feed around 10:30PM and then again around 4AM. Momma is very happy for that long stretch of sleep! Your next feeding is usually at 7AM and we start our day from there. :)

You have had so many visitors this week. Everyone is still trying to get by and see our little man. Mammie was able to come help me on Monday which I was very grateful for. She took big brother Raegen home with her that evening so it was just you and me all day Tuesday! We survived just fine. ;) That evening we had your newborn portraits taken.

I told Raegen that when he came home from Mimi and Grandaddy's, we were going to take you to have your picture taken. He said,
"At Walmart?"
Talk about a bad parent! ha I had just taken him the Friday before you arrived to have his three year portraits taken at Walmart!! I informed him I took him to Walmart, but we were going to a nice lady's house in Little Rock for your newborn pics. He didn't seem to mind. ;)
{of course she took pics of him too!!}

You are such an easy baby, and so long as all your burps are out, you rarely fuss. You are already holding your head up for a few seconds at a time and are very strong.

Nana came on Wednesday to help us and we were very happy to see her arrive. She cooked, cleaned, and just took care of us! She took me to get my haircut on Wednesday and everyone at the shop was shocked at your size. They thought you were adorable. On Thursday she took me to the chiropractor because I was STILL having TERRIBLE headaches. This time I got to see Dr. C {my doc} again, and she manually adjusted my neck. OH my! Talk about immediate relief! My headache was instantly gone and thankfully hasn't returned!
On Friday Nana took big brother Raegen to playgroup at the local play place. Then they met up with Aunt Amber and Ashlyn for lunch.

She headed out that afternoon to visit Grandpapaw, Mawmaw Buelah, and Grandma. I'm sure we'll be seeing them all soon...what a roadtrip that will be for you!
Mimi came to help again when she got off work that afternoon.

Raegen just loves to see "baby Lynden". He is very gentle with you and insists on giving you kisses and "petting" your head, back, and face whenever he's near. It's soooo sweet!

Mimi kept you and Raegen on Saturday afternoon while daddy and I went to Uncle Frank's ordination service. It was nice to get dressed up and go somewhere.

We also introduced the swing and bouncy seat this week. You're a fan of both and when baby's happy, momma's happy!!

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