Thursday, March 25, 2010

Raegen Ramblings: My child said what?

While out running errands with my mother over the weekend, Raegen spotted his Wednesday night teacher from church. He quickly said, "Hello, Mrs. Paula!" Followed by,
"I LOVE your purse!"
Mom said in his defense it was quite colorful. :)
{the boys enjoying storytime with Grandaddy}
While exiting Target on the same day, Raegen swung around the light pole, looked up at Mammie, and said,
"Take my picture!"
He was aghast when she revealed she didn't have a camera! Of course his reponse was,
"Why not?"
Recently Raegen planted a bean during one of his classes at church. To be honest we didn't think it would survive long as he was allowed to "water" it himself and when we left church with it it resembled a spit cup more than a recently planted bean! ha!
He was less than thrilled to see it sprouting and thought it was "yucky". I think he thought it was a worm or some other creepy crawly creature.

Now he is excited to see his plants growing and asks to view them almost daily. His Aunt Jenn brought him some other seeds to plant {strawberries and tomatoes I believe} and we are hoping to get some soil and plant those this week!

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