Saturday, April 10, 2010

Baby Buys: Edition 7 - Sock it to me.

No bare feet for my baby!
I stumbled across an incredible product lately, and thought I would test it out.
It's called Stay Put Socks!
Stay Put Socks! is a clear silicon rubber ring that has been tested and proven to keep babies socks on their feet. The device simply slips over the outside of your baby’s socks and keeps them on all day. The device should be around the SMALLEST part of the infant’s ankle, just above the ankle bone. Watch to make sure the device is not too tight. It should NEVER leave a large indent or red mark. If this happens, the Stay Put Socks! is too small and you will need to move up a size. They come in 6 sizes; NB, XS, S, M, L, and XL. Enjoy your Stay Put Socks! I am confident you will love them and want to tell your friends all about them!
Sincerely, Kate Brotherson Owner, Stay Put Socks!

WARNING: Choking Hazard, Not a toy for children under 3.

The above is a picture of Lynden wearing his Stay Put Socks! The good news is...

they work!

They really do. I had my doubts, but they definitely live up to their name. We have put these to the test twice this week and never once did Lynden's socks come off. I could never keep socks on Raegen's feet, so I think this is a great product for mom's that like to use socks {some moms do, some moms don't}. The rings can be purchased individually{$3.99} or as a package of six {$19.99}. The online package includes one pair of each size ring, NB, XS, S, M, L, XL. According to the size chart, Lynden has already surpassed the NB size so I emailed the owner and asked if I could make my own package of six. She was very timely with responding and had no problem with me creating my own package. I ordered two XS, two S, one M, and one L. I made my purchase on Thursday, 4/1, and received it in the mail on Monday, 4/5. Better yet, shipping was ONLY $.54 cents!! Talk about reasonable. After tax, my total was $21.83.

The size XS best fits an infant 100mm ankle or 0-3 months. Lynden does not fall into that category!! ha. So we jumped past the XS size and have had great success with the size S {I was afraid they would be a little big, but they're working great}. I would absolutely order these again and for the price, they're a great gift as well.

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