Sunday, April 11, 2010

Lynden Rucker - Four Weeks

Lynden Rucker,
you are now four weeks old.

You weigh 13lbs and I have a huge stack of 0-3 month clothes I need to exchange! :)
You wore this outfit for the first and likely last time this week...
You have the sweetest face...

even when you're not happy!
You're realizing mommy's obsession with snapping pictures...

and capturing ALL of life's moments...

the sleepy ones...
{which, by the way, you REALLY resemble your Uncle Justin here!}

as well as the peaceful, dog tired ones...

You love to go outside and watch your brother play...

He's already teaching you to strive for more.
Notice he's playing on daddy's goal, not his {daddy lowered it for him}...
and he's actually making goals!

He loves to entertain you.
When you're in your bouncy seat and the music is turned on, Raegen likes to "dance" with you. He thinks you're dancing too when you kick your legs and move your arms.
Here he is bustin' a move:
You had some more visitor's this week too.
Mrs. Margaret {or, Mrs. Marker as Raegen would say}
dropped by to welcome you and bring us lunch.
You also got a bath...

though you weren't overly fond of it. You felt you deserved a larger tub.
So do do I...

Raegen was there to make you happy though, and it worked!

When you're fussy he just starts singing to you and you calm right down. His songs of choice are "Jesus Loves Me" and the alphabet song. You may grow up singing a few letters in the wrong place, but at least you'll be happy. ;)
He's definitely your protector too. I had to leave the room for just a second and when I returned...

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