Thursday, April 8, 2010

From Beatin' an' Bangin' to Picture Please

As my family and I were gathered in my postpartum room after Lynden's arrival, we heard quite a ruckus from the adjacent room. It sounded like some major construction, or maybe destruction, was taking place. Then we heard a knock on the door and a lady popped in to tell us they were in the process of hanging "prints" in all the rooms and would be to my room shortly. She apologized for the inconvenience, but seeing as how a hospital is open 24 hours, there really wasn't a good time to tend to the matter.

I anticipated a traditional, bleh, print of a landscape or perhaps a floral arrangement. You know, typical "hospital" art. I was blown away when they brought this in...

Oh. my. dear. dear. sweet. goodness.

That is just precious and being the photo fan I am, I especially like newborn portraits. Then I noticed the photographer's name at the bottom of the portrait, Kristin Hollensworth. I immediately recognized the name and told the kind lady standing in my room that I had just gone to Kristin's website and looked at her work {I saw her ad in a mag I was thumbing through at one of my OB appointments recently}. She told me Kristin had donated numerous prints to the hospital and was actually signing them all just before they were being hung. Before I realized it Kristin was standing in my room.

She is a VERY sweet person, fellow believer, and EXCELLENT photographer. Having met her in person, I was sold on using her to photograph Lynden.
Here's my sweet baby at just eight days young...
Can you say "breath taking"?
I am VERY anxious to see more!!
Let me know if you are too and when they are ready to view online I'll send you the password. For now, you can view these on Kristin's blog.
She was very easy to work with and did WONDERFULLY with Raegen and Lynden...she has two kids of her own and I'm sure that helps with the whole "patience with a three year old" thing! ;) We will be returning for two more sessions with Kristin...likely at six months and one year. If you would like to know more about our session, using her as a photographer, etc. just email, text, or call me. And if you do use Kristin for your next portraits, please mention my name as she does have a referral program.

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