Thursday, April 8, 2010

Mama don't play.

This smile didn't last long...

once we got to church and he fully understood what it all meant...

it was no longer a laughing matter, for him.

Lately it's been "work" to get Raegen to eat his meals. Sometimes it takes nearly an hour for him to finish his food, and that's with a lot of coaxing {and threats}. With three meals a day, I felt like I was spending my day watching him eat...or actually, NOT eat.
This week I had an epiphany...why not use a timer?! He has a set amount of time to finish his meal. If he runs out of time before he runs out of food, meal time is over and there is no dessert or snack later.
It has worked great the last few days, but Wednesday at supper he decided he was "done eating" and wanted excused from the table. I was very clear that if he did not finish his meal, there would be no dessert later.
"What's dessert?"
Strawberries. {his favorite!}
"I don't want strawberries."
You won't be allowed any candy at church either.
"I don't want candy at church."
You don't want strawberries and you don't want candy at church? You're sure?
"I don't want any candy. I'm done eating."
I will make you a sign to wear at church and EVERYONE will know you can't have candy.
"I don't want any candy."
Okay, you can get down, you're done.
On the way to church he even told us he would tell everyone he didn't want candy...
"and I will tell Bruder Tim and Bruder Maury, I don't want any tandy"
Of course that didn't last long, once we were at church he was hitting everyone up for candy..."you got tandy? you got dum?"
But poor, poor Raegen, his
"No candy
for me please.
I told mommy and daddy I didn't want to eat my dinner and I
didn't want candy at church either.
Thank you!
signs made everyone aware of the situation and it was a record "no candy" night for the little king. I doubt he lets this happen again! ;)

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