Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Lynden Rucker - One Month

Lynden Rucker,
you are now one month old!

Today is also your mommy's 29th birthday.
I got a speeding ticket think that's funny...

so does everyone else! haha

Your weight is 13lb 4oz, so you've really packed on the pounds since birth {2lb 8oz}.
Glad I put this adorable "SIX MONTH" romper on you TODAY...I could barely get your arms in it!!
And your length is now 22 1/4", up from 22" at birth.

You've had a busy first month of life. Traveling to doctors appointments, hair appointments, and all mommy's favorite stores!! Your first church service was on Easter Sunday and just this week we started walking with Mrs. Kibs again...

Lynden, Raegen, & Jonathan
FYI: I removed the blanket that was shielding Lynden from the sun just to take this worries. :)
You've been to a high school soccer game {Miss Hannah's} and to a little league game {your big buddies from church}.
You thought they were both great.

You like to rest in the swing and bouncy seat, but you LOVE to take your day time naps on your belly {closely supervised, no doubt!}.

Your last feeding of the day is around 10PM. Then it's time for jammies and bedtime. I LOVE the GroBaby diaper for nighttime because it's the only thing that won't leak! :) Mrs. Kibs gave us hers {she wasn't a GroBaby fan...good thing for us! :)} and I'm hoping Aunt Stacy will be able to find hers {she didn't like it either!}. You usually wake around 2AM to feed again and then at 6AM. Your daytime feedings range from 2-3 hours. Sometimes you want to eat after two hours, sometimes you wait until three hours have passed. I just let you decide and that's working well for us.
Happy One Month Birthday!

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