Sunday, April 4, 2010

Lynden Rucker - Three Weeks

Lynden Rucker,
you are now three weeks old.

You weigh 11lb 15oz and have outgrown a few of your 0-3 month clothes.

You are a very sweet baby, but you certainly don't suffer in silence. You have a great set of lungs! ;) If you are hungry, you make it known. If you need a clean diaper, you make it known. If you are uncomfortable, you make it known. Thankfully you quickly return to your sweet self once your needs have been met.

Your brother is in love with you.

He loves to look at you,

kiss you,

lay by you,

and laugh with you.
He loves all the funny noises you make.
It is so sweet.

You've had a few more visitors this week. The "John Deere Man" stopped by on Monday to take some pictures and interview your daddy. On Friday Mrs. Kibs brought us dinner and took your brother to the zoo. Your Witcher cousins also stopped by later that afternoon.

We tried to get a picture of you all, but Ben wasn't too interested...
so we settled for just the six of you...
You didn't complain about taking the picture, but I think you were wondering why Ben didn't take you with him. ;)

On Saturday you got to meet your Aunt Jenn. She's been trying to come see you, but a few colds and allergies have kept her away until now.

Of course she didn't come empty handed. She spoiled you and the little king with Easter baskets. Of course Raegen had the honor of showing us what you received.

And he was super excited over his gifts. In fact, I do believe he is offically addicted to his new "Cars" DVD and will be reciting lines for you very soon.

Saturday evening the Foster's brought us dinner and Raegen had a blast playing with Noah and Ally.

You slept through the meal and play time with the big kids. :)

On Sunday you and I made our first trip to church. You did great and made it through almost the entire service before I had to feed you. Once your tummy was full you were out cold. We sat in the foyer and listened to the rest of the message.
After church we came home and you helped mommy and daddy hide Easter eggs for Raegen.
You're a healthy, growing boy and that makes mommy happy.

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