Saturday, May 22, 2010

I'm wet.

Those are the words I heard coming from the hallway late Tuesday evening.
And then, "Daddy".
"What do you need Raegen?"
"I'm wet."
I called Raegen into the living room expecting to see the results of his "accident". He hasn't had one of those in quite a while {maybe 4 or 5 months or so}, so I figured it was time.
I guess.
Instead, when he rounded the corner I saw this:

picture taken while I ran bath water
About half a second later I realized he indeed was not "wet", but rather SICK!
We bathed, changed into new pajamas, stripped the sheets, and crawled back in bed.
Twenty minutes later I heard a bloodcurdling scream, burst into his bedroom, and realized we needed to lather, rinse, and repeat once again.
After it happened AGAIN, I phoned Aunt Jenn...I mean vomiting three separate times in one hour just doesn't seem possible.
She told me he probably had the stomach virus and would likely throw up every thirty minutes for the next 12 hours.
Honestly, I thought, "not my kid...he's already thrown up THREE times...he's probably done"
So I hung up the phone, and Billy helped me once again bathe, dress, and strip sheets {I keep his bed made with a layer of absorbent pad, sheet, absorbent pad, sheet, etc. It helps on nights like we were having! I don't have to bother remaking the bed, just take the sheet and pad off and we're ready to sleep!}.
So to bed for the fourth time...and like clockwork, twenty minutes later I heard that bloodcurdling scream {his stomach was hard as a rock and it really hurt him to throw up}.
At this point I realized Aunt Jenn really did know what she was talking about!
So Raegen and I retreated to the couch to watch some meaningless television. I covered him in towels and grabbed my pink bedpan from the hospital {best thing I brought home besides the baby!}.
He continued to throw up every 15-20 minutes for the the next few hours. I stopped counting once we reached 10x...who knew the human body could handle that?!
Eventually we drifted off to sleep and the next morning I just left him where he lay!

Raegen was back to his old self around noon Wednesday, but we stayed home from church just to be on the safe side. There are just some things you shouldn't share.
We had no repeat performance Wednesday evening...thankfully!!
Thursday he regained his appetite and enjoyed the day at home with Ms. Hannah while I ran errands and had Lynden's two month portraits taken.
I tucked him into bed that evening and an hour later we were experiencing Tuesday night all over again!!
It was quite the repeat performance and I was glad when the show ended early.
I called and talked to a nurse Friday and she told me there's a pretty bad bug going around.
Raegen felt fine Friday and slept through the night with no problems {just like he did Wednesday/night and Thursday!}. He's feeling fine right now, but tonight will be the real "test".
We'll see!
My computer was sick this week too, so I'm happy to have it healthy once again and my internet connection restored!
Happy Blogging!!

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