Friday, May 14, 2010

Lynden Rucker - Two Months

Lynden Rucker,
you are now two months old!

Today is also your mommy and daddy's five year anniversary!
You now weigh 15lb 4.6oz,
are 23.75" long,
and your head circumference is 42cm or 16.5".
Length = between percentile 50 and 75
Weight = above percentile 95
Head Circumference = between percentile 75 and 90
Track your child's growth using the Baby Center's Child Growth Chart Calculator

You feed six or seven times a day. Your first feeding is anywhere between 5am-6:30am and your last feeding is around 9pm-10:30pm.
You had your first true all-nighter on 5-11-10. I fed you at 8pm, put you to bed in your bassinet, then woke at 6:45am and you were still snoozing! I was scared to about complete panic.
Yes, you lasted nearly eleven hours between feedings!
I literally felt as if I laid my head on the pillow and then immediately raised it back up. I don't recall moving in my sleep at all. You were also in the exact same spot I placed you...laying on your side.

You have yet to nap or sleep at night in your big boy crib, but that is coming soon. The past month has been full of playgroups, baseball games, and festivals. Just this week we moved up to the size small diaper covers. I didn't realize the size extra small were becoming too small until Aunt Stacy asked if you had moved up a size. The diapers weren't leaking, but they were fitting awfully tight!! I switched to the size smalls and they fit much better. I'm still using the newborn prefolds though, they are just a better fit for now.
Most of your clothing is 3-6 month and some is 6-9 month. You have several outfits you've only been able to wear once!
You have been in church nursery just once while I kept the toddler nursery. That means you've had your first bottle and thankfully did well. You stay with mommy and daddy during Sunday School and preaching service. I simply place you in the baby wrap and you generally sleep the whole time...a few people are afraid you don't realize you've been born! haha
You are fussy when you're gassy, dirty, or hungry and all those are easily solved. The rest of the time you're either sleeping or showing us your big sweet grin.
We waited a long time for you so we're just trying to take it all in and relish every moment.
Raegen is so sweet with you and loves to help "burp" you. He also likes to hold your hand and tickle your toes. He just adores you.

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