Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Now I lay me down to sleep...

We had another milestone last week while my computer was under the weather.
Lynden napped in his big boy bed!!

I thought I would slowly transition him to Raegen's room
{officially Raegen AND Lynden's room}...

I was nervous about the boy's napping together, but it went great. Lynden finished his nap before Raegen, but big brother didn't stir a bit.

I was able to sneak in and get the baby without Raegen waking.

We've now experienced our THIRD, full {10:30PM - 7:30AM} night of sleep {in a row} so I may try putting Lynden to bed in the boy's room tonight.
I think this jolly fella will do just fine.

He clearly adores his big brother.
On another note...

I think I'm a little obsessed with his feet and toes...I catch myself counting his toes all the time because at first glance there just seems to be more than five!!
Do you agree?

AND, they curl around the bottom of his foot like a monkey.
AND, what's with that extra bump on the big toe?
Do all babies have that or just the super-size ones?

Yes, we're 10 weeks and have already surpassed 16 pounds. I need to weigh him again this week just for curiousity's sake!
He's so sweet and ridiculously easy. Raegen was an easy baby too, but he also had a few times that he preferred to stay up and cry, cry, CRY!!
Billy would put him in the carseat and just swing him back and forth. Thankfully, we have yet to experience that with Lynden. I'm praying it stays that way because this momma is enjoying her sleep. ;)

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