Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My MOM rocks!

my mom rocks too, but I'm actually referring to me, as in, myself, and well...me!!
I folded.
Just a smidge.
I'm the type of mom that encourages "clean" fun...
coloring pages
outdoor play in play clothes
indoor toys {including tractors, trucks, and trailers} stay inside
and outdoor toys {random old toys we've picked up here and there} stay outside
Sometimes I wonder if I will hinder Raegen's creativity ability.
Is that possible?
I did something that many of you will find SHOCKING!
I gave him this:
Yes, that is leftover batter from the Too Much Chocolate Cake
I made for Sunday's homecoming at church.
{and let me just add, I brought not ONE piece of cake home...that recipe is a keeper!}

Yep, I gave him the WHOLE bowl.
{but not before I had my share...I work at being selfless,
until it comes to batter...
and that's where I draw the line people}
It may have been a bit excessive given it was his FIRST time
to "lick the bowl", but he handled it well.

Maybe a little too well...

"I better shout it out or she's gonna think I've experienced this before"

"You know how she is, she overanalyzes every detail!"
"My mom's the best!"

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