Wednesday, June 23, 2010


We've been having so much fun at VBS this week. The heart of a child is so precious and it's amazing to see just how giving they are.

Tonight we had 100 children in attendance and over $230 was given to support our Philippine orphanage. So far that's over $500!! I think it really means something to the kids to know that they are helping other kids just like them.

Tonight we had a special visitor, Mr. Buck {a real cowboy!}, and his horses.

Mr. Buck did a great job of relating horses to Christians and how it should be our goal to be a mature Christian that can be used of God.

Lynden didn't last long because he was tee-totally tired!
Major snooze fest for him.

The kids LOVED the horses.
They got to feed the horse, sit on the horse, and ultimately watch the horse "go".

Back inside, the little ones cooled off and got creative with shaving cream.

Raegen is having a great time and learning so much!

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