Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Is that 'really' my brother?

A picture is worth...

See any resemblance?
Me neither!
At Raegen's one-month and two-month portrait appointments, we couldn't wake him for anything! The photographer just posed him like a little doll and he never budged. It was so sweet. After B saw that Raegen was sleeping in his two-month portraits just like in his one-month, he told me I couldn't take him anymore if all I was going to get was a picture of sleeping baby!! haha Thankfully it never happened again.
That's a whole 'nother ballgame. The kid looks like he's ready to stand up and walk off the table any minute! Now, at three months old, he's weighing what took big brother nearly 10 months to weigh...17lbs!!! :)
The good news is he has big brother's temperment...easy going, laid back, easy to please.

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If it's any help, I haven't had any dreams {like I did with Raegen, dreaming I was having a boy} and I just don't have that "feeling" with this baby. I did have severe morning sickness that lasted through week 15, quite unlike my mild morning sickness that ended at week 12 with Raegen. That info may help or confuse you more! I'm anxious to see what everyone else thinks we're having.

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