Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy Father's Day

I am blessed with a wonderful father. As a child, I always thought he was the smartest and strongest man in the world...and I still do. If you need to know something, he's got your answer. {If you need to borrow a tool, he's got ten to choose from...if not more! (Ten of EACH kind, that is)} I'm so glad he got to come help me with the boys after Lynden was born. He drove me to doctor's appointments, fixed me three square meals a day, and was willing to do anything I asked...and many things I didn't {like folding my sheets! He even ordered Billy to help!! ha}. I'm so blessed to have such a wonderful dad and my boys have a Grandfather {something I never had}.
In fact, my boys are so fortunate, they have TWO Grandfathers.
And even better,
something I could have never dreamed they would experience,
they have a GREAT Grandfather!
And even more special, they have this wonderful man for a daddy...
this picture was taken THE day {THE morning of the DAY} Billy became a daddy of TWO!
He IS the spiritual leader in our home {an answered prayer}, a very hard worker {hello SAHM I am!}, and King of one-liners {I've learned to roll with the punches}. Thank you to all the men, preachers, and friends that helped shape his life because my children and I have a TREASURE.
Happy Father's Day B!!

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