Friday, June 18, 2010

Card Carrying Member

It's official.
I am now a card carrying member of the "I locked my keys in my car...
with it running...
along with my child!" club.
On Tuesday as we exited the splash pad, I pressed the remote start on my vehicle. I had put sun shades in the windows before we entered the park so that helped keep it cool as well. It was so hot that day and I didn't want to put the boys in a smoldering hot vehicle. When we reached the vehicle the AC was blowing full blast and it was nice and cool. Raegen climbed in his seat and I buckled him in. Then I opened the passenger door, put some things in the front seat, and stuck the key in the ignition {I was worried I would forget the keys were in my hand and lay them down somewhere and lose them!}.
I shut the door and pushed Lynden in the stroller to the back of the vehicle. I tried to open the back door, but it was locked.
That's annoying.
I walked to Lynden's door and tried it. Locked also.
That's when I realized ALL the doors were locked!
I just locked my baby in a running car...and he's buckled so securely he couldn't get out if he wanted.
I immediately called my friends that had just pulled out of the parking lot and all I could mutter was, "I need you to come back!"
Then I just stood there and tried to compose myself. I'm never good in these situations and have always had a hard time controlling my emotions...I'm a crier. It's something I've battled since childhood and I suppose something I'll always battle.
Next, I called my hubs who called AAA for me. Within minutes my friends returned and began asking, "What can we do? What happened? What do you need?" They had assumed it might be car trouble...and they were right!
We tried their remote keys because we have the same make vehicle, but no such luck. I was comforted by the fact that Raegen was sitting in a nice, cool vehicle and Lynden was taken to my friends nice, cool vehicle. So the boys were okay. I'm sure Raegen kept wondering why all these people were coming and looking in his window.
All we had left to do was wait...then I received this text from the hubs, "Look up number to police and see if they can beat AAA". Such the competitive spirit. I just rolled my eyes...this was no time for games. Then it hit me! I had cracked the front windows!!! Woohoo!!
I ran over to the nearby park and found the longest stick I could. It took a few tries, but in less than 5 minutes I had the doors unlocked! What a relief.
I learned a few things that day...
ALWAYS crack your windows, you never know when you'll need it ;)
NEVER put your keys in the ignition if you're not sitting in the car!
And it pays to have great friends that will turn around and run to your side.

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